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18 November 2007
New Government with a new vision (7)
New Government with a new vision
Throughout our lives there may be occasions when something occurs unexpectedly and thus we find ourselves on the wrong foot. Certainly a person’s life is full of surprises, that can be both positive and negative, and these can affect future decisions and ambitions.
Although in the majority of the cases, in politics everything is planned according to the party’s agenda, there may be occasions when a politician is faced with embarrassing situations that are unexpected and out of control.
When during the past weeks Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi took part in One TV programme Vici Versa, and he was faced with the political allegations made by a well known PN activist, Michael Woods, the first impression that the viewers noted very easily was that Dr. Gonzi wasn’t expecting such a situation.
Especially on the newspaper In-Nazzjon, the day following the programme, the readers were given the impression that Dr. Gonzi made a great victory by participating in such a programme and that he, although not asked to comment, continuously referred to the decisions address during the Budget Speech.
For many political critics it seems that the Nationalist Party, especially Secretary General Joe Saliba and his fellows, have decided on an agenda where it is vital that Dr. Gonzi would not be criticized and it seems that they would like the next general election not be contested by the PN and MLP as a party but by their leaders, very similar to an american presidential election.
It is a known fact that Nationalist grass roots aim to highlight the fact that Dr. Gonzi is a new leader, that he must be given the chance to continue his vision, while on the other hand they make everything possible to criticize Dr. Alfred Sant for the simple reason that he has been at the helm of the Labour Party for the past 15 years.
One thing must be made clear – although Dr. Gonzi was elected leader of the PN just three years ago, it has been since 1998 that he formed part of the Nationalist Cabinet and thus, he is also accountable for the situations that our nation is facing.
More than a new Prime Minister, people want a new government, with a new vision and a new team ,that can give a boost to their lives. People are eagerly awaiting the day when they will give a vote of high confidence to the Labour party whom will implement all its vision as highlighted in the document Pjan Ghall-Bidu Gdid!
Dr Etienne Grech MD

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