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18 November 2007
Why should we vote Labour? (8)
Why should we vote Labour?
Day after day more people are becoming concerned about the general election date. In the majority of the households that myself, as an election candidate, am visiting, one of the most frequent questions being asked is “When is the general election going to be held? December? January? February? Or later?”. For sure I’m not in the Prime Minister’s mind to answer such a question but I think that whoever asks such a question, he must be replied in one similar manner – “When ever the election will be held, anything from 33 days from now up till next July, the most important thing is to VOTE LABOUR so that a fresh breath of life is given to our country!”.
During the past years the amount of floating voters emerging in our country has drastically increased. People are not any more obsessed that they must vote for the same party through out all their life, and this fact has been clearly seen in the last general elections and also those concerning the local councils. But why people should vote for the Malta Labour Party?
Our country’s administration lacks accountability, lacks determination to succeed, has increased bureaucracy and arrogance and several Government Ministers are considering themselves as being untouchables. Such facts have been proven by the speeches given by these Ministers or even  by decisions taken by them during this term.
During the two years Dr. Alfred Sant spent as Prime Minister, he tried to change the Maltese culture by leading the country in a fair   style where everyone was treated as equal . If Dr. Sant is continuously criticised, for sure he cannot be criticised for his accountability and his lack of tolerance for sleaze and corruption which has become a hallmark of the last few years of government .
  Unfortunately here in Malta the last election was an  election based on one single issue, and thus voters couldn’t express their opinion depending on the performance of the Government but according to their opinion regarding the concerned issue.
Now that this election will be contested on governing issues, and    people will have to judge whether what the Government describes as the moment were people are living better, have more money in their pockets, the Maltese society having made great social strides , etc etc, is true or not.
On the other hand, the MLP is offering a new leadership for this country, with new ideas and clear proposals how our country can truly go again on the right track and whose people can like better in many respects. ‘Pjan Ghal Bidu Gdid‘ clearly highlights how the MLP will improve our day to day life, how to create more opportunities for everyone, how to attract foreign investment in order to create more and more jobs, how to give incentives to youths so that these can set up a family without all the hassle that today’s youths are facing, especially the incredible amount of home loans they have to pay throughout the years. Obviously the principles described on it will be beefed up as the New Labour Government goes along the New beginning..
 In simple words, everyone should by now make the fairest choice and  vote labour because the Labour party gives assurance of accountability, gives assurance of a fresh start, and most of all because the Labour Party will provide realistic solutions to the problems which have been incurred throughout the years under the  Nationalist administration. So, let’s all get together and commit ourselves  for the sake of our beloved country and “CHOOSE LABOUR”! 

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