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23 October 2010
Helping couples in difficulty

In the middle of a debate whether divorce should be made legal or not one should concurrently argue about how are we going to strengthen the services that there are to rehabilitate families whose marriage is ailing and need assistance to try and save them from floundering and going on to separation or divorce.  Counselling is often needed promptly in such situations and going to a trained psychologist in private costs a lot of money. Not all families in difficulty can afford this. The low income earners ,of which there are many ,need government financed counseling services which they cannot otherwise afford.   As a medical professional , like other professionals from other disciplines , I encounter many situations where families have to be referred for counseling. The services offered by Appogg are too overloaded to give timely and efficient services to all cases due to a shortage of counselors.  Family therapy involves numerous hours by a counselor treating each family.  The authorities should make it a priority that this government agency is strengthened by increasing the numbers of duly qualified counselors to offer free family therapy services for the low income families.


Dr Etienne Grech MD


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