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17 June 2010
Intolerance is also censorship

Labour MP Adrian Vassallo came under fire last week for his comments on the pornography in hotels issue as well as his perhaps ill-thought statement that he would prefer to live in Iran where religion is more respected than fighting against depleting moral’s in one’s own country.

Whilst I do not share his same views and do not see an argument in consented access to adults only channels in hotel tv , I have to express my outrage and indignation at the manner in which Dr Vassallo was pilloried both in the press and on various blogs and social networking sites.

Those who argue in favour of free speech and censorship have to keep in mind that the expressing of one’s opinion is a crucial part of any anti-censorship crusade. Intolerance and intransigence as well as disparaging comments only hurt the individual and the cause is damaged substantially by such an attitude.

The Labour Party under Joseph Muscat has made a free voice and diverging opinions part and parcel of its policy. That is why Adrian Vassallo’s views have been accepted without comment by the party leader although he may/may not agree with them.

Those who preach against censorship should be careful of not being hoisted by their own petard!


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