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26 March 2010
Is health really going to remaining free for all?

Health Minister Joe Cassar’s recent statement that the revised White Paper on Health Reform is complete has sent several questions across not only to the medical community but also to the public at large.

How can the Minister say that the revised document is finished when on the other hand we know  that the Prime Minister had requested  to send the reform back to the drawing board two weeks before? There must be some serious sort of miscommunication going on here between the Chief Executive and his newly appointed lieutenant.

The revision of the document has been so quick that it can be hardly believed that it has been significantly changed.

It is also important to point out that this is actually the third time that government has indicated that there will be a charge for most medical services in the future.  The first was just before the last General Election when a cabinet memo was leaked to the press, the second was when Labour leader Joseph Muscat produced a document during a television programme where it was being clearly indicated that health services would not remain free and the third is obviously the contents of this health reform document.

One issue is clear however, that  government withdrew the document as it is written down in black on white that health services will not remain free for all in the future. The people out there should weight their options and judge who is the party who really wants health to really remain free for all.

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