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26 April 2009
Beach Accessibility

Summer is fast approaching and one of the best pleasures of both maltese as well as the traditional tourist is swimming. This hobby or summer sport is however becoming ever so difficult ,summer after summer, owing to the increasing over-crowding of our beaches which is mainly due to the increasing population in our islands. This of course does not fare well for the summer tourist industry which obviously requires a good choice of quality beaches as well as a spot where every person can comfortably find and settle down on it.

Upon scrutinizing the entire maltese coastline one can still find numerous areas which are suitable for swimming and sunbathing but are however inaccessible to people and transport means .  The relevant ministries should see to it that to counteract beach over-crowding , more beaches should be made accessible for the use of the public. Obviously projects done to make more unutilized beaches accessible should give thorough attention   to avoid environmental damage preventing future generations from also enjoying them.

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