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01 April 2009
About Mepa Watch.

Part of my Sunday reading consists of Robert Musumeci’s Mepa watch on Maltatoday. The Presentation is very readable and analyses Mepa board decisions.   There are two things that I’d like to point out about these articles.  The first is that Mepa Board decisions depend on so many intricate policies in the structure and local plans that whether a decision is that of sanctioning or that of refusing a permit depends upon implying either one set of policies or regulations or another leaving a Mepa board decision more of an opinion  than a judgement.  I hope this is taken note of in view of the upcoming reform on Mepa. The second thing that I’d like to point out is that Musumeci comments on Mepa development applications that still have a chance of being appealed. This is not right as his articles might influence the board decisions of cases that might later be appealed or reconsidered.

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