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29 March 2009
Paying for assisted procreation and IVF.

 The law regulating assisted procreation and IVF has finally been drafted at parliamentary committee stage and will soon be presented to the Social affairs minister following which it will be discussed and debated in parliament. Hopefuly by next summer after due attention to practical medical, legal, and ethical aspects the law will be enacted.

  In Malta there are approximately ten percent of couples who are childless and so there is a significant number of people who turn to science and technology to try and have children. Up till now all the expenses involved have to be paid by the couple as the service is not given freely through Government hospitals. This is unfair as having children is a right for every couple who deserves to have them. One hopes that once the regulatory laws are in place the treatment (including IVF) should start being given free at Mater Dei hospital which has all the facilities to do so.  In the absence of this ,childless couples undergoing private treatment should , as from the next budget , be given some form of compensation for their expenses for instance by income tax rebates on expenses paid for such purposes.

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