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03 March 2009
The Health Department

At present there is an ongoing debate and media focus on the quality of our country’s public health system highlighting its weaknesses  being mainly the extra long waiting lists and queues, staff   and bed shortages and unavailable medicines . The arguments, debates , constructive criticism, proposals and the lot are all part of our society’s democratic right  to scrutinize the system with the sole intent of making the situation change for the better.  The criticism is not directed  towards  any of the doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, pharmacists or public servants who every day have to face a huge number of patients and work harder due to staff shortages. It is simply not their fault that things are the way they are . Patients making use of the medical services should not be hostile or belligerent towards the over-worked staff at the hospitals or health centres even in the midst of difficult circumstances. The responsibility lies within the minister’s and parliamentary secretary’s office.

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