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16 February 2009
Trying to reduce waiting lists

While people are complaing about the long waiting lists at the Mater Dei hospital for being seen at Emergency department, Outpatients department and for undergoing an investigation or operation, there are others who are wrecking their brains trying to find solutions.   Both Labour and Nationalist minds are discussing and coming up with solutions to ease the problems of our general state hospital.

That the medical authorities have sent a circular inviting General Practitioner’s to work part time at the Emergency Room was an excellent move. This should be extended in a flexi-hour way aimed at female married qualified doctors who want to spend a few hours working at the hospital outpatients department.

Another idea which springs to my mind is that GP’s can be helped by consultants or specialists at Mater Dei via e-mail contact.  By giving GP’s a list of consultants and their email addresses, they can ask for their advice about their patients provided a response is emailed within 48 hours.  This will help the GP reduce the number of people he or she refers to Hospital and thus reducing the load on Mater Dei Hospital.


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