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10 February 2009
Where’s our democracy?

Certain sectors of our fellow maltese folk tend to keep on harping  repeated stories about the alleged threat in our democracy in the old days of the seventies and early eighties. They speak as though they have a lesson to teach about democracy and how it was championed by the almost uninterrupted nationalist rule ever since. Upon a closer look at matters as they stand today one finds that fanfare apart, no quantum leap has in fact been achieved in terms of democracy. When one takes a look at the nepotism and political appointeeism in influential positions including regulatory authorities and state broadcasting, handling of maltese voters who live abroad, persistent gerrymandering, censure of films or plays of liberal themes, ultra-dubious origins of monies financing political parties that fail to publish audited accounts, voting at old people’s homes not open to surveillance, important decisions being taken by unelected people (case in point the St.John’s Cathedral project), decisions of public interest taken without any debate whatsoever (eg withdrawal from partnership for peace and the construction of an incinerator in Marsaxlokk), local law enforcement system being run by private companies, changing parliamentary procedures to accommodate  government’s whims, omnipotence of care-taker government before general elections,  the list can go on.  On second thoughts one asks,  where’s our democracy? 

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